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While working in Security Camera’s for over seven years, I received some calls asking for advice viewing remotely, wirelessly, barn’s and live stock. Spending so many nights sleeping in their barns, or hourly trips out to their barn to checking on foaling animals, I found there was a great need for good,

wireless camera’s. I started out in analog transmitter’s and receiver’s for all kinds of barns. One of the greatest obstacles in wireless technology is receiving a signal through metal or concrete barns. This is when I started importing wireless transmitter’s and receiver’s with removable antenna’s, so as to connect the camera in the barn, while keeping all electrical wiring out of the weather. I implemented the system where only the antenna was needed outside the barn and viewing video remotely was enabled without hinderance. 

This was before Digital Technology was implemented with security camera systems.

Thus now, our new Digital Security Camera system’s can be implemented for Barn’s, remote buildings, detached garages, plane hangers or any type of structure where cable running would present a problem.

I have kept with my initial findings of being able to have a camera system in the remote building, add the transmitter, with detachable antenna (or in digital sources it is the entire access in bridge format that is weatherproof). I format (network pair) this bridge to an implemented Access point that can be connected to an internet Router (internet is not necessary unless viewing outside of your house is desired). 

All systems are pre-configured to be set up as plug and play. No networking experience is needed, thus eliminating the high cost of a network specialist.